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Our Story

The furture of Davici


Our Story

Our journey into decor began when we wanted something unique and handmade for our home.

We visited the local store of a giant multinational, as we usually did for everything until then – we love going there! Our daughter especially likes the fish and chips served in the café..!

We had until then been getting a large proportion of our household goods from this store. Albeit essentially machine-made and mass produced – like every household, we found ourselves spending a substantial part of our savings on this home decor.

But…. a lingering feeling of having missed something was always there. It dawned on us that machine-made and mass produced items may not be actually what we were looking for…

We started to reminisce about our childhood days – when our parent’s house was filled with mostly handmade furniture and decor items. Each item was a unique piece; only in our house; with a personality all of its own. It felt almost like a family member.

This realisation led us to begin to explore the world of handmade handicraft. We found we could finally create a home setting that we could completely relate to and aspire to; we put a bit of ourselves into the house and made it our home.

This also brought us face to face with the gap in the industry. The prices were high – and one could never be sure of the quality. The realisation set in that our strengths lay in the fact that because of our travels over the years, we know many artisans and craftspeople. The idea of Daffodil Exotica was born.

Our products are designed by the afore-mentioned artisans, to suit a modern home, while retaining the earthy essence of our vision; merging the two beautifully. We take pride in presenting our range of bespoke handicraft products, keeping in mind that it’s your home, and your taste.

Our Products

We endeavour to bring you products that will be a perfect match for your home interior ideals. We have worked with artisans and craftspeople from various regions to present authentic items from around the world.

In most cases, the art is handed down from generations and taught in the traditional manner by way of apprenticeship. As is this the case, we can only have a limited number of pieces at a given time – the stock is replenished as and when our artisans are able to produce enough for shipping to be viable.

We have grouped the decor products into various categories for your ease of browsing. The furniture category has a sub-segment of reclaimed wood furniture. We ensure that the wood is treated and the natural colours of age are stabilised before it finds that special place in your home. In the soft furnishing category, we ensure that the cotton is of high quality and the hand printing is clean and the finished product is a joy to possess.


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Studio 101, 13 Bowden St, Alexandria
NSW, 2015


Studio 101, 13 Bowden St, Alexandria
NSW, 2015