Daffodil Exotica

It all starts in India, in the small city of Jodhpur. Jodhpur is a beautiful part of Rajasthan, the desert state of India, that is world famous for its Tourism, Palaces & Forts and unique and traditional handicrafts. It is known for its creative artwork in wood and metal. The arts have been handed down from generations of artisans and these handicrafts are loved the world over.

The coffee table is an important home accessory and occupies center stage as part of the décor. Your handmade coffee table starts off as a piece of solid wood and some cast iron. The wood comes from the Mango trees that have stopped bearing fruit and have been replaced by younger trees. The mango wood is naturally robust and can be easily shaped by artisans, making it ideal for furniture such as tables, sideboards and foot stools. Generally resistant to bugs and termites the wood is durable though not advisable for outdoors. It undergoes treatment to ensure that it lasts for years as part of your living room decor. The wood has a soft reddish hue and is brilliant, when polished, at reflecting light. The iron is welded into the aesthetic design that you like, powder coated, and hand painted to give a sparkling luster. The coffee table may come with a tray top, shelf, or even come as a nest of tables to complement your wall art and ornaments.

Once completed, the furniture is carefully packed in cardboard and makes a 300-mile journey on a freight train or transport truck to the nearest dock in India. From there it rides on a cargo ship and spends 3 to 4 weeks on the high seas before reaching one of the docks in the UK. On clearing customs, your authentic handmade product reaches a warehouse where it awaits an order on www.daffodilexotica.co.uk. The last mile to your home is taken care by Royal Mail or a delivery service.

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